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Touch Probe Manual


  • You must have one open physical ‘input’ on your machine’s computer/controller to use the probe.  Probe functions as normally closed switch.  The breakout board or  wiring configuration may provide an ‘active high’ or an ‘active low’ signal depending on how it is setup. Consult your breakout board or control documentation.
  • Will work with G540, CNC4PC breakout boards, etc.
  • Recommended to be connected to an opto-isolated input.





probeit screen shots-combo


Probe-It! Manual


  • ProbeIt requires Mach3 version 3.43.19 or later.  I recommend and have done most testing with version 3.43.66 (latest stable).  If you have an older version of Mach3, you will get ‘scripter compiler’ errors and it will not run the wizard.
  • ProbeIt has been tested to fully function when using Mach3 via parallel port inputs and outputs.  If using a motion controller device (SmoothStepper, KFlop, etc), please test your setup fully with the trial version before ordering a license.  Probing is handled within the motion controller device and coordinated to Mach3 via pluggin software.  Some setups may have issues that I cannot fully test or support.
  • ProbeIt will work with any touch probe that is setup to activate the ‘probe’ input signal in Mach3.
  • ProbeIt generates standard format DXF files which may be opened/imported by any DXF capable software.
  • ProbeIt generates standard text format CSV (comma separated value) files which may be imported into Excel or other similar programs.
  • ProbeIt wizard IS NOT COMPATIBLE with MachStdMill from Calypso Ventures, and cannnot be run while using MachStdMill Screenset due to conflicting use of DROs/LEDs/etc.  A workaround to use this wizard is to setup another Mach3 Profile that uses a standard screenset.


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