Touch Probes

Overal size of the touch probe

Overal size of the touch probe

This is a new kinematic touch probe for use with a CNC router or milling machine.  This probe is useful for edge finding/part locating, measuring, or copying/reverse engineering existing parts. The probe can be connected to your machine using Mach3 or LinuxCNC, and likely other controllers that can accept a ‘probe’ input that can be configured to be triggered by activation of a simple switch.  The probe electrically behaves like a normally closed switch, which opens on physical contact with an object.  The object does not need to be metalic, the switching is all internal to the touch probe.  Probing of wood, plastics, etc is not an issue.





Features of this probe:

  •  ¼” shank (useable in CNC routers using ¼”collet)
  •  Small overall size (body is 1” diameter, 1.25”tall)
  •  Comes with two interchangeable hardened/ground stainless tips (.045” and .073” diameters provided)
  •  Uses standard M3-.5 metric thread, so you can use standard CMM style probe tips if you like (CMM style probe not included in this sale, picture showing a ‘ruby tipped’ probe is for reference only)
  •  Adjustment screws so you can eliminate runout between shank and probe tip (this is important if you want to use the probe for accurate edge finding
  •  Detachable cord, makes it easier to set the probe up for adjusting runout (chuck probe in spindle and rotate against a dial indicator to dial it in)
  • Probe activation force may be adjusted by replacing internal spring (3 springs:  Heavy, medium, and Xtra-light NOW INCLUDED!)


You will receive the probe body, two probe tips (.045” and.073” ball tips), and a long shielded cable of a length you chose.  The cable includes the connector to connect to probe body on one end, and is left UN-terminated on the other end, to be connected to your controller/breakout board by you.

This probe is designed and manufactured by me on my own CNC machines near Rockford, IL.  Please see the VIDEOS page to see some instruction on the setup/use of the probe.

Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing on the CONTACT  page.  Shipping to continental US only, will gladly combine shipping on multiple order.

To purchase now, please find the probes available at Ebay under user CraftyCNC.

NOTE:  I have a limited quantity back up for sale on eBay.  Thanks for your interest!