ProbeIt Turn Downloads

 The Current Version of ProbeItTurn is V1.2 BETA



* You must have Mach3, version 3.43.19 or later.  I recommend the latest lock down or 3.43.66 or later.

* You need to have a probe setup that triggers the ‘digitize’ input in Mach3.  You may test by assigning a keyboard key to be a ‘probe’ input if you don’t have a probe, but it still requires that you have the parallel port driver installed and an assigned key setup in ‘ports and pins’.

* This wizard IS NOT COMPATIBLE with MachStdMill from Calypso Ventures, and cannnot be run while using MachStdMill Screenset due to conflicting use of DROs/LEDs/etc.  A workaround to use this wizard is to setup another Mach3 Profile that uses a standard screenset.

* This wizard is tested to work on machines driven from the standard parallel port, a Smoothstepper, or CSMIO.  There is NO guarantee that it will work properly with any other external motion control device, as probing is handled within the motion controllers and not Mach.  Test at your own risk.

* This Wizard is functional, but preliminary.  It will currently only work in Radius mode.  Instructions are lacking, but if you download the manual for ProbIt wizard, and refer to the sections on ‘perimeter probing’, it should give you an idea of how to operate this wizard.


Probe-It Turn uses a common licenese with the ProbeIt mill wizard!

Probe-It! licenses are available for purchase. 

Probe-It is $30 stand alone, or $15 if you purchase (or have purchased) one of my touch probes off of Ebay.

If you have an interest in buying a license, please contact me to request a PayPal invoice.  Licenses will be emailed following payment.

If you have any comments, issues, or feature requests, please contact me